Our comedy tour helps raise much needed funding for minor hockey teams. It’s as easy as reaching out for more information, and we’ll walk you through how to have your very own fundraiser.

Most hockey teams, are looking for fundraising ideas and often look for new ways to cover various reoccurring costs that they all have. That is why our comedy night is so unique and fun, no selling chocolates or spices, just tickets to a comedy show. Come out for some laughs and help raise money for the team, it’s an easy pitch.

Our goal is alway to create a sustainable annual event that can become a steady revenue stream for the team. Minor Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night was created by comedian and producer James Uloth who has raised over $2, 000,000 for various charities. Since 2003 James has grown his experience in performing and producing, he brings a fun-filled show with strong branding matched with quality performances by all entertainers on the lineup.

FAQ: How does this Hockey Fundraiser work?

In advance of the show.

1. The first step is getting in touch with us. Email james@jamesuloth.com, or call 323-570-4242.

2. Pick a few dates. Our team will work with you and what is best for your community and create a tour, or route you into an existing tour.

3. Find a venue. Some common venues we play are community halls, hotel banquet rooms and school theaters.

4. We can assist you with tickets, posters and marketing for your event.

5. You sell the tickets and promote the event locally.

The Day of Show.

1. Don’t forget to do some decorating! And always remember: Many hands make light work.

2. Manage the box office aka The Door. This is where you would be collecting pre-sold tickets and selling admission to walk-up supporters.

3. Increase the proceeds of the fundraising event with concessions, silent auctions, raffles and/or a bar. There is a tremendous amount of funding that can be made by even having just a small silent auction. Monetizing the event with these various points of sale means much increased funding!

4. Have an awesome show that people will remember while creating an annual sustainable event will bring continual funding! Our show is always amazing, well reviewed and hilarious.

5. At the end of your event, announce some future fundraising or other details about the team.  Having a platform like a comedy event to relay that information is a great opportunity.